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Welcome to Hush Music Group website. We are a London based, independent record label with a collective group of singer-songwriters and producers. We are together united in the fight to push home-grown urban talent to the forefront of mass consciousness.

Human - Notrelle vs Luca BuassiNotrelle - Her love



Radio 1 ExtraWe believe in the simple truth that Urban talent is now at a stage where it can finally fulfil it's promise of giving music lovers an artist who they can wholly identify with and believe in. We also believe that a strong enough commercial platform has now been formed, encouraging all home-grown music to step out from under the shadow of it's foreign counterparts.

Our main mission here is to discover and nurture talented new artists, who should have a platform to speak their mind without hindrance to their artistic integrity. We embrace any genre of music, as long as it's pure, honest and truthful, allowing people to connect.

HMG's aim is to develop the musical creativity of each artist, by expanding their vision. This is done by drawing influences from genre's such as; Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Reggae, Dancehall and POP. We also offer the LASTEST music, videos, press releases, blogs, features, photos, interviews and up to date information on your favourite HMG artists.

Notrelle ButterfliesNotrelle VS Superstylers - Body

Hope you'll enjoy our site - One love to you all.


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